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Grace comes before we even know we want it.

Grace makes it possible for us to be reconciled with God.

Grace allows us to keep growing in love.

This threefold arena of God’s activity in our lives is sometimes called “prevenient” (coming before), “justifying”, and “sanctifying” grace. There is never a time in the life of a person when God is not available or working for wholeness. This all-inclusive sense of God’s grace is one of the distinctives of the theology of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement.

Thus, the name I’ve chosen for a blog, Wesleyan Grace.

I’m pastor of Epworth LeSourd United Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington. As you’ll see if you visit the website, we’re a smallish, diverse, gentle-spirited, enthusiastic neighborhood congregation in a diverse and vibrant older neighborhood. The 1925 building with a memorial mural in brilliant red graffiti style on the north wall is a hint at the mix of generations and styles of the people we are becoming.

I look forward to making this a place of useful reflection on the Spirited and Graceful life we’re given to live in 21st-century Tacoma.



p.s. - Header image: orca southbound in the sunset, Alaska's inside passage

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